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Dental Care Tips for Frequent Travelers:

Traveling is a quite an overwhelming experience for many, and aspects like dental hygiene in the course may simply be overlooked. However, if you are a frequent traveler, you cannot keep making the same excuse and compromise on your oral health for the worse. Following are some of the helpful ways you can keep your dental care routine in check while on the go.

Dental Care Tips for Travelers | Family Dentist - Brooklyn Center, MN


When was the last time you cleaned your toiletry case? In all the hustle, most of us overlook the cleaning of our travel case, allowing more contamination and bacteria to build up. Be sure to thoroughly wash your travel case after each trip!


In all the travel haste, it is quite common for us to just toss the wet toothbrush in the bag after brushing. Unfortunately, doing so encourages bacterial buildup in the wet, warm toothbrush. So, once you are done, give your toothbrush a good shake and, on your arrival at your destination, immediately place it in a cup, upright to allow all the water to drip away.


During journeys where the transit time is long and water inaccessible, it is okay to ditch the toothpaste instead of skipping the tooth brushing routine altogether. Remember that even dry brushing is better than no brushing as it helps gets rid of the food debris, tartar, and bacterial buildup.


If you tend to forget your dental care routine while traveling or remember it at all the wrong times, setting an alarm may be a good option. You can also follow your dental care routine during TV commercial breaks or whatever time suits you best to avoid hitting the snooze button.

These are some of the best dental care tips you can follow if you travel frequently to ensure your teeth remain healthy and clean.

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